First of all, it is highly recommended to take out any jewelry before going to sleep, taking a shower or before Engage in any physical activity. Exposure to certain chemicals or environments can compromise the integrity of your jewelry. This includes, but is not limited to: sweating, perfumes, cleaning products, chlorine, water and salt.

Cleaning your jewelry

Mix some soap with semi-hot water and rub the accessory with a soft brush. Toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning jewelry with tight bends. IMPORTANT: gold-plated parts require extra care . If rubbed they can lose the brightness. It is important for gold-plated parts to avoid excessive contact with water.

You should condition the parts carefully to avoid friction with others, or create knots in the case of wires.

Occasionally wipe the parts with a soft, dry cloth, preferably cotton.

WARNING: Classy and Fashion does not guarantee that the gold plating of our models will last forever. Gold plated parts are, by default, more fragile and susceptible to losing color over time. The speed with which this color disappears depends on multiple factors, such as the use of chemicals in the skin, the level of perspiration in the body, or even the same pH level of each person's skin. For this reason, it is especially important to take proper care.

In case your piece has lost its bath sooner than expected, please contact us at with the subject "repair jewelry" to inform you about our repair service, with the Which can make your jewelry recover initial glow.

About 925 Sterling Silver
This designation refers to pieces of jewelery that contain at least 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% are made of copper, which gives silver the strength needed for jewelry design.

Silver Jewel Stains
The appearance of stains is a natural process in silver as a result of oxidation. You may find that in summer your jewelery is more quickly stained due to perspiration. You can clean your Classy and Fashion jewelry with a special detergent for sterling silver jewelery or with a jewelery cleaning cloth. Alternatively you can contact us at and at a minimum cost, send your parts for professional cleaning.

Caring for jewelery in sterling silver
Keeping your shiny sterling silver pieces not costing much. We recommend the following:
Clean your jewelery regularly with a cleaning cloth, preferably cotton.
Bath with your jewelery pieces placed (not frequent) -Yes! Running water with detergent keeps parts clean and keeps them from getting stained.
Do not use your parts in the sea or in swimming pools. Both salt and chlorine are harmful to silver.
We recommend that you do not store several necklaces or wristbands in a single pouch because excessive movement may cause the fittings to be marked or damage the elements and stones, as well as causing knots.
Keep your parts away from chemicals (including household cleaners, creams and perfumes) that could damage silver.

See also: Guarantee conditions