I believe in the art of creating with passion.
I believe that doing by hand is giving back to what is done emotion, feeling, beauty, strength and courage.
I believe we were made to live as we are, we were made to be happy, we were made to be able to follow our heart, our dreams.
I believe it is necessary to release the weight of being perfect, give back the identity of being who you are, assuming our capabilities.
I believe that a happy and confident woman can change the world.
You risk living ... believe in you.

How it happened ...

The jewels / bijouterie I used to buy were commonplace and boring. They were the same as all the others, it was just a simple necklace or bracelet to "decorate" or simply because it was beautiful to wear ... Until I found a way to bring a smile to the jewels ...
And that was how they took on a unique meaning. Since that day he went to see Classy and Fashion become the happiest and most beautiful pieces of jewelery in sterling silver.
Jewels created to stand out from the crowd that promise to be with you at all times and make you feel unique, as you deserve!

About us ...
Classy and Fashion is a Portuguese brand that was born almost for fun, in a country where more and more being happy in what they do has little space ... there is something in me that never dies "never to give up" that gave rise to the creation and evolution of my brand.

Classy and Fashion jewelery pieces are made of noble material, mostly in 925 silver. Delicate and elegant jewelry, inspired by love and the moments of life. < br>

"Each woman has a unique personality that deserves to be valued, moments in life that deserve to be shared and told. Real stories and unforgettable moments."

At Classy and Fashion we celebrate each of these moments, making them eternal in your pieces.

Life is made of unforgettable moments ...
What's yours?